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Scholarships and Bursaries

Saraswathi Matriculation School offers scholarships and Bursaries. These are designed to attract top quality boys irrespective of parental income. Our aim is to build up the school's scholarship and bursary corpus so as to help secure the necessary financial support for both current and future generations of talented students

The school aims at the education of the children in a spirit of love and service and works for all round development of the students. It trains the intellectual, moral, spiritual, emotional, physical, social and aesthetic facilities, of the children. The school stands for academic excellence, development of skills and characters formation based on the love of god and the service of man.

Legacies and Bequests

The Saraswathi Matriculation School's vision statement envisages Saraswathi Matriculation School being on one of the top schools in the world. In order to materialize this vision we need to create a safety net to both meet and master the challenges and needs of tomorrow, in terms of enhanced scholarships, endowments and other unforeseen situations.

Saraswathi Matriculation School recognizes its responsibility to work hand in hand with parents and relevant social agencies as appropriate to meet the academic, emotional and social needs of the students.Saraswathi Matriculation School recognizes that, effective teaching and learning can only be accompanied by continued development and deployment of an outstanding teaching faculty, an excellent curricular and co-curricular activity and the effective use of modern teaching tools and techniques.Saraswathi Matriculation School realizes that change is a condition of life. It believes that one of its responsibilities is to help each student to develop the coping strategies, tools and skills required to adjust to change wherever or whenever it may occur. It also believes that change within the campus must be well considered, systematic and based on the long range plans to assist this goal.


Art School

Art and Music have been vital parts of the Saraswathi Matriculation School curriculum. The school inaugurated a new music school, with modern spaces and facilities, which dramatically increased the interest in things musical at Saraswathi Matriculation School . The creation of a new Art School is part of the endeavour to take artistic expression to the next level.




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